Monday, June 23, 2008

New song and rocking in studio

Had a great weekend of music. I worked on Friday and Saturday with Tom Biller recording keyboard and drums for two new songs.

I started a new song last week called "I can't win". I had the first two parts done but knew that I wanted a big finish. I was going for a feel like in the song "Tender" by Blur. I came up with the ending while in the middle of recording takes for a diffrent song (which i will post later this week)at Tom's place. We are going to try to get a gospel choir and some horns for the recording. Should be rad.

Here is a live video of "I can't win", from the rehearsal studio.You can't see them, but that's Dan Silk on the bass and Jeff Kite on the drums. Sounding good boys!

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Anonymous said...

love it. I think you found your new sound, and all it took was a bottle of tequila and a good surf session...